Greater Way Ragdolls | GWR


Our cattery is a small, genetically diverse cattery. GreaterWayRags cattery is also a hobby cattery.


We are based in the Greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. We have been in the cat breeding business for 20 years but have been breeding Ragdolls for six years. Ragdolls are our passion and personal cat breed of choice.


We are a TICA registered cattery. All of our cats are HCM free by parentage. Those cats that are brought in from another cattery are tested -/- for HCM as well. We breed to breed standard, and we keep the vision of the founder of Ragdolls (Ann Baker) alive. Therefore we breed and produce traditional points, minks, sepias, and solid ragdoll coat variants. We also produce the rarest of colors, including fawn, cinnamon, and calicos.


This cattery strives to produce healthy, floppy, mentally stable cats that are bred to proper TICA standards that will have a loving disposition. Our kittens are raised underfoot with children and are taught manners, taught to use a cat tree & scratching post. We also teach our kittens to stay off the kitchen table and counters. We teach them proper boundaries.


The kittens at this cattery are well-litter box trained with a least two types of cat litter. Our kittens are raised in a clean environment and raised in a holistic manner. We do not allow our kittens to be vaccinated until 16 weeks of age, and with great success.


In conclusion, GreaterWayRags cattery does things differently, yet simple. We don’t keep many cats, but enough to have a few litters a year. So yes, the cats live in our home with our family. Why? Because that’s what we are, a family that endeavors to produce quality ragdoll pet companions for a family and the single person, who then has started a family with one of our kittens.